Black EQ

PAU 242 Black EQ

The most talked about, hard to find equalizer is now available again for all the SSL 4000/6000/8000 Console owners or for those who would like to DIY a racked version of this great equalizer. Build to the SSL specifications with the original SSL schematics and layouts.

Quoted from SSL! E-Series BLACK: The last version of the standard E series EQ. It evolved in the early 1980’s from discussions with many top engineers and proved very popular. The EQ card was called the ‘242’.



  • *Original SSL design
  • *PCB design matches the original element positions and traces
  • *Just replace it with your old EQ in the 611E channel strip
  • *All the electronic components for assuring the SSL specs.
  • *Calibrated to original specifications
  • *Hand made in EU


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